Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I rent through Choice Auto Rental even if my insurance company or body shop has reserved a car for me at another car rental agency?

Absolutely! Choice Auto Rental will manage the entire claim, including the communication between the insurance company and body shop. All you need to do is inform your insurance company that you prefer Choice Auto Rental.

Per MN Statute 72A.201, subdivison 7, section 17: You are able to utilize any rental vehicle company you prefer, and your insurance company must provide you with the following advisory: "Minnesota law gives you the right to choose any rental vehicle company, and prohibits me from requiring you to choose a particular vendor."

We are happy to help, and offer free delivery and pick-up, direct billing to insurance companies, and a wide selection of late model vehicles.

3. Can I request a specific make or model?

Choice Auto Rental vehicles are price and reserved by car size or category, and not by specific make and model. Choice guarantees you will receive a car within the car size or category you have requested. However, we are flexible and always do our best to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

4. Can I take a Choice Auto Rental car one-way?

Choice Auto Rental does not offer one-way service outside of our service area. You may return your rental vehicle to any Choice Auto Rental location, Dealership or Collision Center Partner.

5. Do I need to purchase additional insurance if my insurance policy was issued in Minnesota?

If your insurance policy was issued in the State of Minnesota, it is not necessary to purchase additional insurance for a rental vehicle. Your personal Minnesota insurance policy will cover you for 100% of any damage occurring while in a rental vehicle.

6. Who do I contact with a billing question?

If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the Choice Auto Rental office in which your rental originated. The phone number and address are printed at the top of your rental agreement. If you prefer, you may email us at, and your question will be forwarded to the originating location.

7. Aside from English, can I get assistance in any other language?

Choice Auto Rental has representatives who speak many languages fluently, including English, Spanish, Russian, Hmong and others. Please let us know your preferred language, and we will find someone to assist you.

8. I need to extend my rental. How do I do so?

Please contact the office in which your rental originated, and we will be happy to discuss your rental options.

9. Can my spouse drive the rental vehicle?

Yes. If your spouse is eligible to drive and insured under the same insurance policy they can be added to your rental agreement without an additional charge.

10. Am I able to rent an SUV from Choice Auto Rental?

Yes, Choice Auto Rental has a variety of SUVs available for rent.